Caroline Corriveau and Brian Raymond, Jr.: a two-man/woman building team, constructing a 270 square-foot tiny house designed by Caroline. The construction started with a beautiful douglas fir timber frame designed by Allan Corriveau of A.W. Corriveau Timber Frames.

Caroline is an architect-in-training and has had a dream of building a tiny house since 2007. She has completed 7 years of schooling and has earned three degrees in Architecture. She is also a member of SASS (Single Action Shooting Society) and competes in nation-wide shooting matches each year. This tiny timber frame house is the first big build project she has attempted and cannot wait to tackle many more.

Brian is a professional transportation specialist who drives truck for long hours, 6 days per week. He is the driving force behind the mutual passion for living in a mobile house. He is also a founding member of 603 Drift Trikes, a gravity sport team based out of Manchester, NH that competes around the nation.

Caroline and Brian currently live in Manchester, NH and are building their tiny timber frame home on the weekends in Gilmanton, NH.