Cedar & Galvanized Metal Siding

This weekend we had siding party with awesome friends! What a muggy, soggy, day, but we were able to get a TON accomplished, and had fun doing it! Make sure to also check out the time-lapse video.


Because we opted for a rain-screen wall system, our windows are inboard of our siding – which means we will need to do some proper flashing at the sill of the window to allow the rain and moisture to run down the window and out over the siding:

^ Can you see someone peaking out the window? Photobomb!

I stuck my friend Tim on the porch, where he finished the cedar siding and trimmed out the front door and bathroom window.


After most of the cedar was completed, we installed galvanized metal roof panel as the siding around the patio door and transom windows, under the dormer. Cory even installed the exterior wall pack lighting for me!

Happy girl 🙂

We still need to paint the white sheetmetal screws, as well as trim around the edges of the metal siding.

The transom windows will also need to be flashed properly, and trimmed.

Now the tricky part will be finding a special pattern to install around the half-moon window at the bathroom wall. More images to come!

Don’t forget to check out our time-lapse video here!