Goodbye tarps!

What a beautiful morning to say GOODBYE to the tarps for good!

These photos were taken from the top of Frisky Hill in Gilmanton:

After months of having to take the tarps on and off and on and off whenever we wanted to have a good, long, productive day working on the house, we can finally strip them off and not put them back on!

That is because we put an underlayment on over the pine that will shed the water. Since our ZIP system is already installed on the walls and taped at the seams, we are (somewhat) waterproof!

This Grace Underlayment is not Ice & Water Shield – that comes later. This is so that nothing will seep through the pine and into our home. It comes in self-adhesive, peel-and-stick rolls that are relatively easy to apply.

My blood is officially encapsulated in my house! Is that weird?

Just a group of ladies getting stuff done!! Kelly, a friend from work, helped my mother and I install the Grace that day and we had a blast!

This is me hanging on the roof by my elbows and one knee while applying the “peel and stick!” Oops, time to consider getting some scaffolding over here.

Two days later, on election day, I caved and rented this cargo van and some scaffolding.

Dad and I built the scaffolding and we have it for 28 days! This means the roof should be done within 28 days – how exciting! Wish us luck!