Need to use the restroom?

On a cold and rainy weekend, we decided it was time to frame out the bathroom walls. We had to do some quick thinking on our feet because of the timber frame brace you can see in the photo below.

Because we weren’t paying attention when the timber frame was designed and raised, we didn’t realize that brace was going to get in the way of the placement of our front door. We had to push the front door further to the opposite side than we had anticipated.

And because of the brace on the opposite side, we only had a few options for the placement of the bathroom window (see photo above). This meant we had to SQUEEEEEEZE the wall framing between the door opening and the window opening. Since we won’t be running any plumbing, insulation, or electrical boxes in these walls, we decided to frame them in 2×3’s instead of 2×4’s.

We had to create a little jog that kicked back out so we’d have room for our shower.

I was nervous that it wasn’t going to work out, but we figured out the puzzle!

Brian demonstrating the function of this part of the program. 😛