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Foundation: I found our trailer in Oklahoma here, on Ebay. Word has it that most trailer manufacturers in the United States are located in the southern states. Because of this, the markup is HUGE in the New England area (where we are) and so it was actually cheaper to order the trailer from Oklahoma and have it shipped, using, to New Hampshire!



IKEA Bathroom Sink


Low-Flow Shower Head

Tub Valve

67-Gallon Galvanized Steel Tub

Mirror with Built-In LED Touch Light Fixtures

Nature’s Head Composting Toilet



IKEA Kitchen Sink



Washer/Dryer Unit




PrecisionTemp RV-550 NSP Tankless Water Heater

46-Gallon Fresh Water Tank

15-Gallon Gray Water Holding Tank

Camco Water Pressure Regulator

Ultra Quiet Shurflo Motorhome Water Pump


Windows / Doors:

FAKRO Egress Skylight

FAKRO Egress Skylight Flashing Kit

FAKRO Venting Skylight

FAKRO Venting Skylight Flashing Kit

Double Patio Outswing Doors

Double Door Hardware

Front Door Hardware

Paradigm Windows

Andersen Silverline Windows



Best Buy Metals Standing Seam Metal Roof System


Heating / Cooling:

Unforgettable Fire, The Kimberly Wood Stove

Frigidaire Mini Split with Heat Pump