Sheathing the Walls

There is next to nothing exciting about sheathing walls, let me tell you! We used liquid nails and 3-1/2″ exterior screws to attach our ZIP system to the outside of our wall framing.

The space quickly began closing in on us and we were cramped inside with all of the materials and tools we had previously brought inside!

I have to throw in some of these beautiful photos every now and then to remind myself of the days we were lucky and had good weather!!

This is Dad precariously sitting on some staging he rigged up himself so that he could take some wood out of the girt over the double patio door. The reason I asked him to do this is because we couldn’t find a door that was short enough to fit between the sill and the girt above. We will be modifying our front door (which is wood), but it is a bit tougher to trim down a steel and glass door.
He only had to cut out about 1/2 an inch!

My mom visited from Maine and helped me out immensely for a few days. After putting all of the ZIP system up, we caulked the gaps and taped over all seams and screws.

My brother, his girlfriend, and my sister came and helped with the taping up on ladders even though my sister is scared to death of heights! So proud of her.