STAIRS for Safety, of course…

We finally buckled down and bought some pressure treated 2Xs and posts to make stairs to our front porch.

The first trick was making sure the (4) posts were level on the ground, instead of on a typical, concrete slab.

Early on, I noticed I screwed up (again – I know, you’ll be hearing that a lot more, I’m sure) and cut the posts at the wrong angle for the handrails. This is when my handrail “design” became a bit more complicated in order to hide my mistake. I used pressure treated 1Xs along the sides of the posts, then added more supports between them, and capped with the top of the handrail:

VoilĂ ! No one would even know I screwed up (except that I just told the world with this blog). Meh, who cares! I’m not perfect.

The stairs are approximately 4′-0″ wide with (3) stringers beneath.

What we had been using before vs. what we’re now using since we’ve completed our fun project:

It’s hard to believe we used that teetering pile of uneven blocks of wood as our main egress for about 1-1/2 years… how embarrassing.

Once we find a more permanent home for the tiny house, we will build a deck and do this project again for the side of the house in front of the patio doors!