SUCCESS!! | Roofing Party

This past weekend we had a fantastically successful roofing party. Although we did not finish everything we set out to finish, we were able to accomplish other tasks we were not intending to even attempt until later. Three friends from work, including my boss, my family, Brian’s family, and some good friends, took the best day of the weekend and spent it helping us put layers of our roof on. We are so lucky to have had the help and support this weekend.

In order to create a continuous later of insulation that wraps from the walls to the roof, we had to attach a 1″ XPS insulation board to the wall before attaching the pressure treated 1×8 boards. We set the 1×8 boards high up so that 4 layers of 1″ polyisocyanurate insulation could rest against them and the exposed ends of the sheets could be protected.

We then used 8″ Timber Lok wood screws to screw through 1×3 strapping, the 4″ of insulation, the 3/4″ pine boards that were previously placed over the rafters, and into the structure’s rafters.

Cory painstakingly cut the two holes for the skylights that we still need to install!

Jon and Zachary were on the roof all day long, only stopping for a 10-minute lunch!

Brian’s nephew, Gabe, was a big help controlling the scrap material situation on the ground.

When dark set in we started a fire and got some lights going and just keep going until we ran out of screws!

It was so COOL to see lights coming through the window holes of the house! It started to look like someone was home inside!
Next weekend, after Thanksgiving, we will be installing the rest of the roof up until the metal roof and hopefully some doors and windows, as well! Let’s see how the weather treats us.