The Back Story | Timber Framing

My father has been designing and building residential timber frames since the mid-1980s. I’ve always believed his work to be exquisite: clever, beautiful, and unique. I partially attribute my interest in architecture to his side business, A.W. Corriveau Timber Frames out of Gilmanton, NH.
In 2007 I graduated from high school and began a 2-year Associates Degree in Architecture. This was the beginning of 7 years of school and 3 degrees in Architecture, but it was also the year I discovered the Tiny House Movement. I knew since then what I’d be doing once I completed my Masters Degree – building my own tiny house.
Right after school I began a new job and continued to save money until February 2016 came along and I purchased the brand new trailer. And so it began…

(Not my photo – I take no credit! Just an adorable photo.)