How Will We Get Outta Here?!

Last February, 2016, a man from Texas came to NH to deliver our trailer to us. It was a mild winter, so there was a lot of mud rather than ice and frozen ground. As the idea of finishing the house and moving it to a different property becomes more and more realistic, we’re trying to meet the transportation challenges head on.

The first challenge: getting the house safely out of the driveway!

My father’s property has two driveways – one steep driveway with trees on either side that Jon could not get the trailer through. The other was narrow and had a mound in the middle of it, but it is angled gradually toward the road heading south.

A friend of the family, founder and owner of FMS Landscaping, volunteered his time and his excavator to clear out some land in anticipation for our move.

He widened the second driveway, relocated some big boulders, and cleared out a spot behind the house so that we would have some wiggle room when it comes time to move the house!

FMS Landscaping: Mitch Shurbert (603)455-4907.